July 07, 2006

Garden Pics

I was out taking photos this morning and thought I'd share a couple.

The kale is looking ready to harvest, and the Bombast Rose poppies are in full bloom. I love to go out and and just look at everything. My neighbors probably think I'm looney, wandering aimlessly around my backyard (the fact that I'm usually in my pajamas might have something to do with that, too).


cranfordrd said...

I just have to tell you I LOVE your blog! I have been reading it for a few days now, going backwards...I am in July 06 now. It inspires me to cook, take care of the planet etc. I can't wait till next summer when I can get the garden going again. Thanks so much for providing me with such inspiration and hours of absolute reading pleaure! I couldn't find a way to email you directly so I hope you see this comment!

Cheryl said...

Cranfordrd - Thank you very much, that's great to hear - it inspires me to keep up with my blogging!


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