August 01, 2006

CSI Vancouver

Caught red handed!

The scene of the crime...

A clear-cut case of cherry drying!


Nio said...

Can you tell me more about the drying machine you have?

Cheryl said...

Hi Nio,
The dehydrator is made by American Harvest. It's got adjustable temperature settings and came with a few solid sheets that sit in the racks for making fruit leather (you can buy extra racks and sheets). I got this one about 15 years ago, but I think you can still find them around (actually, I just Googled it and found them at - click on dehydrators on the left to see all of them). It seems to do the job!

Nio said...

We had a dehydrator that was pretty crappy so we got rid of it. I'm glad to know of a decent one. Thanks.


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