October 20, 2006

Local Lovelies - Wine

I'm not exactly what one would call a wine connoisseur, but I do know what I like. I was introduced to this wine (Ehrenfelser) by my good friend Carla, who showed up on my doorstep with a bottle in hand one day, and it's been one of my absolute favorites ever since. It's fruity and flavourful without being sweet.

When my brother got married several years ago, they took the family to the Okanagan (a part of BC several hours from Vancouver where most of our fruit is grown) for a tour of the local wineries. I was thrilled to find out that Summerhill, the maker of this wine, was on the agenda. You can read more on the link, but they are Canada's largest certified organic winery, and they have a large pyramid that they age their wine in. I don't know a lot about pyramids and their effect on wine, but I can tell you that they're doing something right, because they make the best wine I've ever tasted. They also have an incredible restaurant. If you're ever in Kelowna, I would definitely recommend that you stop in.
My other favorite wine is their Baco Noir. It's so delicious that it's almost impossible to get your hands on, because it's always sold out.
I hear that this year's wines will be especially good, because of all the hot dry weather we had this summer.
Mmm...I can't wait!


Lu said...

Is this white a dry wine? Can you describe it -- and can it be found in the US? Thanks!

Cheryl said...

Lu - Here's a description I found online:

"My other favorite patio wine is the Summerhill Ehrenfelser.
This wine has an abundance of tropical fruit aromas, and
peaches, apricots and lychee, with a crisp mouth - feel. It’s a nice
balance of residual sweetness, fruit flavours and natural acidity."

It's dry, but not overwhelmingly so because of its fruitiness. The grape is a cross between Riesling and Silvaner grapes.
I'm not sure about finding it in the US, Summerhill might ship some to you.
Hope that helps a bit!

Carla said...

Having lived in the Okanagan, I will tell you that most of Summerhill's wine is consumed locally (in BC) and that they don't supply to shops outside of Canada...but they do ship anywhere in the world (or at least used to) and you can order online. They are well worth the try. Also my favorite wines!


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