December 02, 2006

A day at the beach.

I snapped this photo from the car while we were out today.

This is one of the city's most popular beaches. In the summer, it's usually jam packed with sunbathers and people playing beach volleyball.

I think I like it better this way!


Wendy said...

I can relate. I live in a resort town on the east coast. During the summer, our beach is packed from water to dune grass, and it's hard to get a purchase, unless it's low tide. It's empty, except for seagulls during the winter. I like it better, too :).

Ruth said...

Kitsilano Bay? I live in the UK I but remember this from a trip to Vancouver 5 years ago in April. We had it to ourselves then as well. Wild winter beaches are so beautiful.

I've just started reading your blog which I found while looking for gardening/homesteading blogs and I really enjoy it. I love seeing the photos and the recipes and tips. I love the pottery in your later post as well - I am a pottery addict!

Cheryl said...

Wendy - I prefer parkas to bikinis any day! :)

Ruth - Thanks for your nice comments.
Kits beach it is - you've got a good eye!


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