December 01, 2006

Garden in the Snow

The recent snowfall has been wreaking havoc on local plants. Trees everywhere are breaking from the weight, including a beautiful old willow tree just up the block, and I noticed today that my rhododendron has several broken branches. Some things are holding up though, and look especially pretty set against the snow.

This blueberry bush was being dripped on over the course of several days and it turned into one giant icicle (this is just one branch, the rest of the plant is encased in ice too).

I hope those of you who are currently being hammered by winter weather are keeping safe and warm!


Lu said...

We are hammered here in the Midwest. But no broken trees around me. I really wanted to say that your photos are very pretty. I was out with my camera yesterday too, capturing some snow shots, bird shots (goldfinch, juncos, and cardinals especially). Happy Weekend!

Carla said...

Wow, it looks like you got a fair amount of snow. Winter is here as well. It's been mighty chilly. I'm making good use of the fire place.

Cheryl said...

Lu - I saw a bit about the storm on the news - it doesn't look pleasant.
Thanks for your comment on the photos. I'd love to have a better camera so I can take some bird shots without scaring them away!

Carla - We do have quite a bit, and I'm surpised at how long it's lasting. The temperatures are still going below freezing every night, so it's not melting very quickly.
Keep warm!

Vidarshi said...

Hi, I am from Sri Lanka and have never seen snow! your pictures are beautiful. very christmasy.

Cheryl said...

Vidarshi - Thank you!


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