January 09, 2007

Little Mosque on the Prairie

I'm really excited about a new show that's premiering on CBC tonight called Little Mosque on the Prairie. It's written by Zarqa Nawaz, a Muslim woman who was raised in Toronto and moved to Saskatchewan (one of Canada's three prairie provinces) 10 years ago. The show is intended to be a humorous portrayal of a Muslim family's life in rural Canada, and though its purpose is not political, it will hopefully create some awareness while making us laugh.
The first episode airs tonight at 8:30 in Canada. I have no idea if it will be broadcast in the US, but you can click on the above link to learn more and to watch some clips.


Malva said...

I was hoping to catch it but my son wasn't sleeping soundly and picked that halfhour to half-nurse, half-sleep so I missed it entirely. Was it good?

Chelee said...

Bummer! Not in the states.

Cheryl said...

Malva - Isn't that always the way? Hopefully they'll air it again soon. It was really funny - I hear it had 2 1/2 million viewers!

Chelee - That's too bad. Maybe it'll show up on Youtube or something (or on DVD eventually).


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