January 09, 2007

Lucky Number 14

We got blasted by another wicked windstorm today, the fourteenth so far this winter (previously, we might have seen two during a normal winter). The kids and the dog had a ball running around in the wind, but the poor birds were battered.

We drove past a local park during the storm's peak, and there were hundreds of crows (I couldn't capture their numbers in one photo) being blown about. Some were tumbling through the air, and others were hunched flat to the ground trying to avoid the gusts. A couple of them lost their battle with the wind.
To top it all off, the temperature suddenly dropped by about 8 degrees, and snow started falling (well, if you consider blowing straight sideways falling).

Dozens more trees were blown down in Stanley Park. Fortunately, over a million dollars have already been raised to help replant and restore what was lost.

A friend sent me this photo of her husband and brother (both well over 6 feet tall) standing in front of one of the root balls that they came across while in the park the other day.

I'll stop talking about the weather soon, I promise.

As an aside, Little Mosque in the Prairie (see the previous post) was hilarious. Think Northern Exposure with a Muslim perspective.


Malva said...

Ok, I should have read this post first before asking about the show. lol

willow said...

Please don't stop talking about the weather, I think we all need to keep talking about it, after all it is the symptom of global warming that we can see clearly in our own lives. We seem to be able to distance ourselves from melting ice sheets etc as these events are out of our immediate experience but as we continue to suffer the effects of storm damage maybe a few more people will take notice and start realising what we are doing to the planet.

Carla said...

I couldn't believe when I saw on the news last night that you were being hit by yet another storm. Poor Stanley Park, it might never be the same. I'm saddened by that prospect.

Chelee said...

Yeah, we had the wind too. The forecast is for very cold weather for the next week. Brrrr

Cheryl said...

Malva - I hope you catch it next week!

Willow - You're absolutely right, thanks for the reminder (and for the permission to keep ranting!). :)

Carla - Isn't it unbelievable? And I actually heard somebody say the other day "Global warming? I'd say this is more like global cooling!?" Gah!!!

Chelee - You must be closer to me than I realise. How far are you from the border?
Stay warm!

Carla said...

Actually, I've read some articles where they speculated that the first ice age was triggered first by global warming...which melted much in the north, kind of like what is happening now and then the increased water levels in oceans in turn had a cooling effect on the earth (not to mention increased strange weather patterns). I've also read articles on one of the Scandinavian countries (sorry, can't remember which) developing some sort of plan in the event of another ice age. Obviously they think it's not such a far fetched idea. Egad!!!

Cheryl said...

Carla - I've read similar things. I guess "climate change" is a better term than "global warming".
Very interesting that they're preparing for an Ice Age, I can't even imagine a North American government doing that.


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