January 04, 2007

Things I Love - My Quilt

My mother-in-law made this quilt for us last year. It's hard to believe that it was one of the first quilting projects she ever did.

You can't see it, but all of our names (including the pets) are sewn into the fabric as part of the quilting.

It's a treasure that I hope to pass on to our grandchildren one day.


Niobium said...

It is beautiful!

Lu said...

As a quilter, I am notably impressed. Not only is this quilt beautiful and a wonderful keepsake, it is amazing that this was one of your MIL's first projects. Kudos to her and thanks for sharing it with your readers here.

Carla said...

Wow! That's gorgeous for a beginner project. How ambitious. I've thought about getting into quilting but just haven't had the time yet. One day, I hope.

Chelee said...

Very cool. My mom is a quilter and we have stacks in our linen closet. There is nothing like snuggling up with a warm quilt to read.

Katie said...

It's beautiful. What an amazing treasure!

Cheryl said...

Nio - Thanks!

Lu - It is pretty impressive. Our quilt was the project for her first quilting class. Everyone told her to start with something smaller, but she didn't listen (now I know where her son gets his determination!).

Carla - It's something I'd love to do one day too.

Chelee - How lucky to have stacks of homemade quilts!!

Katie - Thanks - it's pretty special.


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