March 18, 2007

Bunk Mates

I'm too pooped to write a long post tonight, so instead I'll leave you with this photo of the animals.

Princess isn't usually allowed into the kids' room, as it's always been a bit of a haven for the cats (they're not fond of her exuberance, and she'll eat every last scrap of their food if she gets the chance) . But on this day, she was allowed in, and she immediately grabbed herself a spot on the lower bunk.

She secretly aspires to be a cat (you should see how well she perches on the arm of the couch) - maybe one day she'll be invited to join their club.


Chelee said...

Our dog perches on the couch too! It's so funny to see.

Hope your hanging in there with all that work you're doing.

Steffi said...

Very funny pictures!Good luck with your work!

Cheryl said...

That's too funny! I always think Princess looks like one of the vultures from The Jungle Book when she's perched up that high.

Elaine in Kansas city said...

Your story and pictures remind me of a favorite picture book I used to read to my library classes- WIDGET by Lyn McFarland. Your children would enjoy it. It is about a dog who pretended to be a cat so he could come in out of the rain and cold.

Steffi said...

Your dog and your cat looks so cute onthe bed!

Carla said...

Your pets obviously have their priorities straight...lots of sleep. Too cute.


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