March 27, 2007

Spring Blossoms

We've had two gorgeous days in a row and the flowers are bustin' out. The view down our street is one of my favorite things about this house, the cherry trees are amazing.

The photo doesn't show it very well, but when they planted the trees, they alternated dark pink blooming trees with light pink ones, making for an even more impressive display.

This is the flowering currant in my mom's garden. It doesn't produce fruit, but it sure brightens up a spring day!


Carla said...

Oh wow!!! It really looks like spring has hit. And to think I was getting all excited about the pussy willows here.

QT said...

I used to live in Washington State, and went to the University of Washington, where they had a pretty impressive spring display of cherry trees.

I love them too and I am trying to make a spot for a few around my property. There isn't too much blooming in my zone yet (and I am in a cold spot to boot), but I finally have tulips coming up. Something to look forward to.

Steffi said...

Wonderful pictures!!It´s beautiful outside when the tree´s bloom in spring.Our weather here is at the moment the same like yours!

Chelee said...

Gorgeous! I'm having a hard time NOT taking tons of photos of the things blooming right now.

Crunchy Chicken said...

Beautiful! I love cherry trees lining the street.

Oh yeah! The UW cherry trees in the Quad. I heard that a bunch of them were dying and they had to replace something like 30 of them back in 2000. Always a spectacular sight.

When I get around to it (next year?) I'll plant some Yoshino cherry trees on my parking strip.


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