March 12, 2007

Who do you look like?

We've been doing a lot around the house over the past few days - painting, tiling, decluttering, etc. I'll have some before and after photos for you soon, but in the meantime I thought I'd point you toward this fun website that I discovered through someone else's blog (sorry, I can't remember who, it was one of those random surfing kind of things). On this site, you can upload a photo of yourself, and they use some kind of facial recognition software to tell you which celebrities you most resemble (hardly earth shattering information, I know, but kind of fun). I did it, and apparently I look like a cross between Drew Barrymore, Evangeline Lilly (I had no idea who she was, but apparently she's a fellow Canadian), and Dolly Parton (hopefully the pre-plastic surgery Dolly). Trust me, I am not nearly as "put together" as these three women - I guess facial recognition doesn't take "time spent in front of a mirror" into account!
My husband's closest matches were Jeff Bridges and Cary Grant, with a little Alice Cooper thrown in for good measure.
You can try it out for yourself here.
I'd love to hear your results, if you care to leave them in the comments!


paula said...

When I did this, I matched the Prime Minister of Finland. :(

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Crunchy Chicken said...

Apparently, I look like a combo of Mandy Moore and Sarah Michelle Geller.

The funny thing is that I look just like Lindsay Wagner (when she was in her mid-30s, not the current Sleep Country ads), but I bet she's not in the database :)

Just for sport, I ran a picture of Lindsay Wagner (the one linked above), and it came back with everyone but Lindsay Wagner.

I uploaded my 3-year-old's picture and it just churned on it for a while and never came up with anything. I don't think it new what to do with baby-face proportions!

Chelee said...

Cool! I'll have to try it out today.

Mmmmm Carey Grant is my favorite of all time.

Cheryl said...

Paula - I'm sure he's a very good looking fellow! Were there no women at all that they thought you looked like??

Crunchy Chicken - Lindsay Wagner, eh? I can kind of see why they'd suggest the other two, there's something similar about all of their faces.
That's interesting about your 3 year old, I'll have to try it with my kids!

Chelee - I've never really thought of my husband as looking like Carey Grant, but he actually does (only a little scruffier)! It's the straight nose, long dimples and bum chin that do it.

Carla said...

Okay, this is a riot and I can't say I take any of it seriously. Apparently I'm somewhere between Caprice Bourret, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elle McPherson and Greta Garbo. You can quit laughing now, ...I don't see it either. I uploaded 4 different pics just to see what came out highest. I think I'm going to check out the rest of my family just for fun.

Cheryl said...

Wow Carla, that's a pretty good group to be included in!
Did you get the same people when you used different photos? I've been wondering whether different expressions would change the results.

Carla said...

I got a couple double ups on people, but for the most part, every picture yielded a different group of celebrities. So I just went with those who I got the highest percentage match from (70% +). But I noticed that there was always something a little uncanny in terms of similar expression, the way the head was tilted, eyebrows raised etc. I am not sure that I would consider these actual shared characteristics but rather temporary expressions.


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