May 15, 2007

More Garden Shots

We're busy packing these days (just over two weeks until we move!), so I'm afraid I can't muster up much more than a few more garden photos.

Irises are popping up all over the place.

The Concord grapes have such pretty pink leaves.

I think chives are one of the most underrated flowers in the garden. They have the cheeriest purple flowers, and they bloom for ages - I could happily have a whole field of them!

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farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Gorgeous gorgeous! I keep meaning to post my peonies but haven't.
Is the tulip Angelique? Looks similar anyways. (I think that's the name anyways)
By the way---taking them with you?? :-D

Carla said...

Lovely shots. I bet you're going to miss that garden. I hope you're able to take what you want from it.

Eva said...

Wow, beautiful photos! Good luck with moving. It's a ton of work... isn't it? But well worth it. Can't wait to see more of your new property.

heather said...

you have the best garden, i know you will miss it but it time it will be duplicated and more!

Cheryl said...

Monica - Yes, Angelique! Once you said that, I could picture the package in my head and that's exactly what they are. Good eye!
As for what I'm taking, I don't think I'll be digging up the tulip bulbs, but I'm taking almost everything else that was important to me!

Carla - I will definitely miss it. But everyone gave me gift certificates to garden shops for my birthday so I can replace everything that I'm not taking with me.

Eva - It is a ton of work. I've got to remember to keep the end result in my head while I'm endlessly wrapping glasses, etc.

Heather - Thank you. I just hope I can stand the wait until I'm able to get started on the next one!

Steffi said...

Great pictures of your flowers in your garden!Your garden must be wonderful!


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