June 15, 2007

A New Garden

The kids and I couldn't resist driving past our old house this morning on the way home from soccer, and I was somewhat horrified to see the yard waste bin full to the brim with bits and pieces of my former garden. All of the yuccas were pulled out - I'm seriously thinking about going back there to rescue them from the bin before it gets picked up!

Actually, my mom is incredibly generous and is sharing her gorgeous garden with me, so I haven't been dwelling on the garden I left behind very much. We spent last weekend planting out all of the things that I started from seed several months ago when I was still optimistically thinking that we might actually be working on our house over the summer.

I'm just excited about all of the new plants I have to photograph!


Shawna said...


We built a home a few years and rented it out. After renters from heck who destroyed a brand new home and had to be legally evicted and removed, we put the home up for sell.

Once it sold the new owners ripped out the entire lawn, killed and uprooted a few trees, cut down a few more, transplanted one and left all the fruit trees to die. My husband was devistated (we live next door.) Trees are his babies. He too want to go rescue the ones that still had a chance.

So I am sorry you have to see your plants and efforts trashed. I know that can hurt.

heather said...

oh cheryl, so sorry your plants and garden pulled up, tossed out. so sad. if i lived 3000 plus miles closer i'd help you with a little covert, midnight rescue!!

Chelee said...

What! OMG! How crazy is that?

I'm so sorry.

Carla said...

Beautiful photo...I love the lighting. Sorry about the plants...she probably wouldn't mind if you rescued them.

Midlife Traveller said...

You need to change your "about me" section - you're not renovating your bungalow anymore!

The plant thing is sad - I remember when we moved from our childhood home my Dad went and rescued some of his 10+ year old rhododendrons.

Cheryl said...

Shawna - Wow, that must have been awful to watch. At least I don't have to see it every day!

Heather - That sounds like fun!

Chelee - Crazy is right. At least now I don't feel bad about the plants I did take!

Carla - Thanks, I managed to snap it just before the sun came all the way around the corner.

Midlife Traveller - I know, I've been meaning to change that - I'll get around to it soon!

Christy said...

When we move I plan on taking many of my plants with me. I just can't see whoever moves in here wanting to keep up all the gardens I put in. Hopefully I'm wrong but I think most of them will probably be reverted back to lawn after we leave. All the edibles are coming with me.

Steffi said...

Very beautiful picture!I wish you can come with my to my work...there you can buy so much other plants and flowers!


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