August 05, 2007

One Local Summer #6 - Bountiful Broccoli

While watering the garden several days ago, I discovered some gorgeous emerald green heads in among the broccoli plants and knew right away that they would become the focus of this week's local meal.

Little did I know how much of a role they would play. While I was busy making a salad with my share of the spoils, my mom was upstairs whipping up a yummy soup (can I just say how great it is living in a house with another person who loves to cook!).

As an appetizer we had goat cheese with peppercorns, (which is made in one of our favorite places in the world), paired with scrumptious green olive bread from a great local bakery.

The soup was a creamy combination of broccoli and kale, and the salad was a dish of crisp raw broccoli marinated in a garlicy dressing, very similar in flavor to a caesar salad. I never would have thought of preparing broccoli this way, but it was amazing. The recipe for the salad can be found here.

All of the ingredients came from within BC, except for the usual suspects (seasonings and oils).

This post is a little late in coming this week, as we're smack in the middle of the BC Day long weekend, and I've been visiting with my cousin who came over from Victoria so that we could all go to the Celebration of Light, which is an international fireworks competition that's held in Vancouver every summer.

Last night was the finale, and Canada won!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Shawna said...

Beautiful dinner!

heather said...

i just picked up a fresh supply of broccoli from the farmers market yesterday, i'll be sure to try this salad!

dawn said...

That looks great. I picked some of our broccoli last week, only a few small heads, and ate it with a very garlic, creamy ceasar dip and they were great. This is the first year I have had good broccoli. My screen net has protected it from the cabbage moths. We are enjoying our kale also. The soup looks awesome, as does the broccoli salad. The fire works show looks like a great time too.

Steffi said...

I like Broccoli too!Your food looks really delicious!I hope you enjoyed the beautiful fire works show!

Chelee said...


That is so great you get along with your parents so well.

jenn said...

What an awesome blog you have! The photography is great and the food looks YUMMY :) We are unschoolers too.


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