September 05, 2007

What I Did On My Summer Vacation - 2007

We're back from our holiday, feeling rested and relaxed, but wishing we'd had more time to soak up the atmosphere of our idyllic destination. We spent the entire week in a cabin on Saltspring Island, our favorite of the islands that lie off the coast of Vancouver. If you were around last summer, you might remember me going on at length about what a wonderful place it is. If you weren't and would like to catch up, click here (it's best to start with the post at the bottom).

We almost always camp whenever we go to the island, but this time we rented a gorgeous little cabin with my mom and stepdad (can you believe they still want to spend time with us when we're living with them already?!). Saltspring is known for its sheep farms, hence the sign at the door (it's not actually called the Whitbread Lamb Inn, the cabin is built on what used to be sheep pasture).

I spent a lot of time sitting here, reading or just taking in the surroundings.

We even had an outdoor shower at our disposal (which I never used because there was also a clawfoot tub inside). Besides, I would have felt a little awkward being watched by this guy...

This adorable Pacific Tree Frog could be seen regularly taking his morning siesta on the ledge overlooking the shower.

We saw lots of other wildlife as well, including ravens (it was so quiet there that you could hear their wings on the air even when they were hundreds of feet away), deer, and several snakes. My mom, stepdad, brother, and sister-in-law even saw orcas (we, of course, were off doing other things and missed it all)!

Watching the activity in the tidepools is always a fun way to while away an afternoon.

The gardens in front of the house were planted with lavender, which was buzzing with insect activity, and a favorite spot of the dog's.

Even though we didn't camp, we made sure we got to the park to take the annual photo on our stump.

I've got many more photos to share with you, despite the fact that my camera decided to quit working part way through the week. Luckily my mom is also a photographer, (and one who can afford the fancy equipment - I got to play with her Nikon all week!).


Joker The Lurcher said...

i love this! we live in a cedarwood shingle house (they are quite unusual in the uk) so i always feel drawn to wooden houses. glad you had a great time.

Steffi said...

It´s nice to hear that you are back home again! Very nice pictures!

Lu said...

Welcome back! The holiday looked so peaceful. You need a tri-pod so you can be part of the "stump photo series"...!!

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

How nice to have 'rents that want to spend that much time with you- and you with them.
I wish we had an annual spot for our trips but there is not much close by to make a short day's drive to and not cost more then a mortgage and 2 car payments for a weeks stay.
How is the house process coming?Any cool finds during your trip for the home?

Cheryl said...

Joker - One of my husband's English cousins once remarked that she couldn't get over all the wooden houses we had in Canada, and that they looked totally flimsy - like a housefire waiting to happen.
I was glad to hear that the Enviroshakes were able to fool you!

Steffi - Thank you!

Lu - I know, I really do need to get one or there will never be any evidence that I ever existed!
My mom actually got one of the four of us on the stump, but they haven't been downloaded yet.

Tammie - We are really lucky to get along with them so well.
No real finds while on vacation, but we got lots of ideas from the cabin we were in and the island's other gorgeous houses.
Progress on the house is slow, we're currently trying to find a contractor to set up the pre-fab panels on the site, but they're so busy here that some of them aren't even bothering to call back!

Mary said...

What a fabulous spot! That sure looks relaxing - even doggie looks like she's in pure heaven.

Of course I'm dying to know those ideas you got from the cabin...:)

dawn said...

Wow, that looks like a great place to stay. It looks like you had a relaxing time. We have some yearly stump photos from White Rock from a number of years back. It is neat to see how it changes over the course of time.

Kim said...

When I look at your photos I can hear the wind gently blowing and the waves on the beach. It transports me there in an instant. Beautiful.

Carla said...

Looks absolutely divine. I love Saltspring. Just a little piece of paradise.

Lu said...

PS - Forgot to say: Love the frog photo. Did froggie make a lot of noise?

Tea said...

How lovely! I spent a week on Saltspring as I child and still remember how wonderful and beautiful it was.

Carla said...

I've just given you a "nice matters" award :-)

rowena said...

Hi Cheryl,
I followed your link from Carla's 'Nice Matters' award and must say how much I enjoyed this post! My husband and I live in and love the outdoors but this here is entirely different from what we experience. The frog is too cute but that photo of the dog in the hooked me right away as our little canine loves to bury her bones deep within the lavender patch. I look forward to more photos of your vacation.

:: Suzanne :: said...

I love Saltspring Island. Yum. We just got back from Parksville, which is not quite as yummy, but still a treat.


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