February 25, 2008

Good Omens

Whew! Things are starting to fly along at lightening speed around here! We're in a rush to find things like fixtures so that the plumbing rough-in can happen (it's starting this weekend!), as well as finalizing a few other things.

We bought two of our kitchen appliances yesterday, so I can move on to dreaming about other things now (toilets, maybe?). We found a very nice man who sells scratch and dent appliances for about half the cost of new (all tested, and with a six month warranty).

The stove that we bought doesn't have anything wrong with it (it was a floor model), and the dishwasher only has a very slight ding on the side, which you'll never see once it's recessed into the cabinets. Buying slightly damaged appliances has allowed us to upgrade to much higher quality units. We got the Kenmore Elite range with convection oven for about what we would have paid for a entry level coil top. The dishwasher is a Whirlpool Gold energy star model.

Over the past few weekends while at the house, we've noticed that we seem to have a pair of ravens living on or around our property. Ravens hold special meaning for me, so I see this as a very good omen for our life there.

In addition, while we were sitting enjoying the sunshine last Sunday, we noticed the distinct sound of owl calls coming from the woods behind us, and since my husband's family crest is an owl, we're taking this as a positive sign as well. With the reality of our future mortgage becoming clearer, we're looking for all the reassurance we can get! ;D


Sharon J said...

What a great buy! I wish we had a similar outlet in our area but I've never heard of one. I'll have to put my feelers out because I'll be needed a new cooker and dishwasher eventually as the kitchen slowly but surely takes shape.

I'm sure the owl was a good omen :)

Joanna said...

We went with a scratch-and-dent washer & dryer when we moved into our house a few months ago. We definitely got much nicer appliances than we would have been able to otherwise!

Michelle Ellis said...

Oh my gosh it's all coming together.

The scratch and dent route is the only way to go. I love the fact that you can buy higher end stuff and lower prices.

Great finds!

Steffi said...

Great buy and I think the owl was a good omen!your pictures are very nice again!

MeaganMonster said...

Great buy indeed! So glad you managed to save some money on that and stick to the high end brands without the high end price tag.

Beautiful photo of the Raven there, they're special to me as well.

Sweet dreams!

Adam said...

Lovely raven picture there. They hold a special meaning to me and my partner also, they seem to next near where we live and follow us around.

Good work on the dented appliance :) I always ask for display model electronics and usually get a discount. But 50% is phenomenal!

Christy said...

How exciting it is too see everything coming together!

dawn said...

What a great way to go with the appliances. We bought our stove at regular price (a cheap one) a few years ago. I think we had it a couple months and someone dropped a cup on it there was a chip and resulting black mark. Add to that another dent and chip and it looks well broken in. The get used, they get scratched.

We heard an owl around here, just last weekend. We also have a pair of ravens that hang around in our big tree. We will likely be playing a radio at the chicken coop when we have the chickens. My mom found that to work after her and the neighbour were having chickens taken out of the coop by ravens.

Carpe Diem said...

I just found your blog through the homesteaders webring. I know how exciting it is to build your own home - we just moved into our dream home on acreage 2 weeks ago (northern part of the province).

It is a long haul, so keep positive! We ended up not completing the home until approx 2 months after we had planned. Lots of it was due to getting the trades in at a reasonable time - we did most of the work ourselves, but once the drywallers came things really slowed down.

Good luck and have fun with the building!

Shawna said...

The things you think of just absolutely amaze me! I have never heard of scratch and dent before and I just replaced most of my appliance not too long ago... for a fortune!

I learn so much here... I hope to apply much of it at our next house or next renovation!


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