April 23, 2010

First Asparagus!

While I was out planting sunflowers this afternoon, I stopped to check the recently planted asparagus patch to see if there was anything growing yet, and there was!

It'll be a couple of years before we can start harvesting spears to eat, but asparagus has always been one of my favorite vegetables, and I'm just happy to finally have the space to grow it.

Have a great weekend!


thewinkingfrog said...

Fantastic! I would be interested to know when you planted it. It is something we would love to grow.

Cheryl said...

Winkingfrog - I planted crowns about a month and a half ago. They are the Jersey Giant variety, which is all male, and will apparently give a higher yield from fewer plants.

gumboot goddess said...

that is so exciting! I love it when I find things growing unexpectedly - you're lucky to have the room for asparagus!

Annie said...

Awesome! I can't wait for the day I move to a place I plan on living in for more than 3 years. Asparagus is one of my favourite things!

Carla said...

The single stalk looks so lonely. I've finally gotten around to planting some this year...knowing of course that it's a long endeavor...put I've always wanted to grow enough so that I could pickle some as well as eat it fresh.

Kris said...

aaahhh, I've been wanting to start an asparagus patch forever now, but I am daunted by the 3 year plan it seems to take. Eh, Creston, BC grows fantastic asparagus, and I live very close, so i may as well reap the rewards of their work!

Cheryl said...

Gumboot Goddess - I count myself very lucky, I've always had tiny gardens. Hopefully there's room to expand the patch if it does well here!

Annie - Yes, you'd definitely want to be staying in one place long enough to justify the time commitment!

Carla - There is another tiny one poking out of the soil just to the left of the "big" one. How many plants did you put in?

Kris - I was always a bit daunted by the long wait too, but the Creston asparagus should be a good second. (I'm a former Kootenay girl too, by the way - Nelson).

thewinkingfrog said...

Thanks, Cheryl. I think it is time to plan for an asparagus patch for next year. Apparently we are never moving, so the long time to "harvestability" shouldn't be a problem! Hubby won't be too thrilled about me digging up more of the lawn though!


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