July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Two Kids, A Swing, And A Camera


Alyse said...


I always wanted a tree swing, but we didn't have a sturdy enough tree.

Lucky kids and lucy you.

Worm said...

This looks like the perfect way to spend a summer day!! Great action shots!

Anonymous said...

Love these shots! I want to come next time.

Your DH

Cheryl said...

Alyse - This isn't on our property, unfortunately, it was at the house we stayed at on Salt Spring. We'd love to build one here, though!

Worm - Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. I thought the kids got some pretty neat shots!

DH - Next summer for sure!

Bee said...

Hi Chreyl,

Delurking to say, I hadn't stopped by for a while but decided to this evening. I'm really glad you're back blogging more frequently and shall be dropping by more often again


Bee said...

Ugh, sorry typos in my comment

Your name correctly spelt: Cheryl

And "...I shall be dropping by more frequently..."


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